Close to 65 million Americans struggle with back pain. As one of the leading causes of disablement across the globe, back pain is not only a leading cause for missed work (in one year over 260 million lost workdays in the United States), it affects people of all ages ranging from adults to adolescents.

If you find yourself struggling with pain in your back chronically or even every once in a while, follow these 5 Tips to Prevent Back Pain.


Poor posture can lead to back pain. Maintaining a healthy form in your back can contribute to your overall back health. While sitting, be careful to not slump, but keep your back against your chair. With your back straight and shoulders back, stay relaxed. This will prevent you from forming unnatural positions that cause pain.


Man tying running shows
Surprisingly, your shoes can affect the health of your back, both positively or negatively. Shoes that do not have proper arch support and/or shoes with high heels are more likely to cause back pain.

Running shoes are best for back support since they are designed to absorb impact while walking, so if you are looking for an easy way to contribute to your overall back health, consider adding a quality pair of running shoes to your wardrobe.


Woman sleeping on a bed
You can help alleviate back pain even while you sleep! Maintaining good posture while sleeping can contribute to your back health. Sleep on your side or back as those positions better support your spine. Sleeping on your side not only encourages proper alignment, but can also help reduce snoring and even heartburn.

If you are experiencing back pain, try sleeping on your side with a pillow or blanket between your legs. This will help keep you aligned and help alleviate back pain.


Backshield on car seat
BackShield is the solution for good posture. It can help alleviate back pain as its unique design provides support for your lumbar.

The BackShield also lifts your lower back and spine off your upper back allowing your shoulders to relax naturally. Lastly, it is portable and fits in office, car, and even kitchen chairs. Order yours now to support your back at www.backshield.com.


Healthy Food Bowl
A healthy diet is essential for a healthy life. If you are experiencing back pain, consider eating more natural foods as they provide the nutrients your body needs.
Stay away from:

  • sugars
  • gluten
  • and dairy

Furthermore, consider adding more green foods to your daily meals. Regular exercise can also promote back health.

Add consistent back-strengthening exercises to your workout routine. This will not only help alleviate back pain over time, but also encourage your overall physical health


Back pain is a leading cause for disability affecting people of all ages around the world. If you find yourself among the millions of Americans with back pain, follow these 5 tips to prevent it, and let us know in the comments below which made the biggest difference!