Back to School and…Better Posture

No other product on the market helps you avoid this posture pitfall like BackShield.

It’s the time of year that parents love and kids bemoan…Back To School!

And with this return to scholastic pursuit comes hours seated in a classroom, at a library or lugging a heavy backpack around. So we wanted to share some tips for students to avoid back pain and keep their spines happy and healthy through graduation and beyond.

Avoid slouching

Just like your mother always said, “Sit up straight!”. No other product on the market helps you avoid this posture pitfall like BackShield.

It’s never too early to start teaching kids habits of good posture to save them from imbalances, pain and poor appearances down the road. BackShield helps correct bad postural sitting habits to avoid back and neck pain during the school year.

Don’t lie on your stomach

It’s no secret that kids like to lie down on their stomachs while doing their homework. At least they’re doing their homework, right?

WRONG. This can put MAJOR STRESS on the neck and shoulders and put the lower back, or lumbar region, in a state of hyperextension.


Using the BackShield while seated for long durations is a great to maintain your posture and avoid back pain.

But even though you are seated perfectly and not experiencing any pain, your body was still designed to MOVE! Health experts are now putting sitting in the same category as smoking regarding harm to your health so for every 30 minutes of sitting it’s a good idea to get up and move for 30 seconds or so by doing some light stretching and mobility movements.

Reduce screen time

Kids are using tech more and more, and it’s our responsibility to teach and learn how to keep good posture. Encourage your child to take frequent exercise breaks to “unplug” from their digital devices, stretch with them, and absolutely no using screens on the bed or while lying on the couch.

Proper backpack usage

Ideally, your child’s back should not exceed 5-10% of their body weight. So your 60lb child should be carrying a load no greater than 6lbs.

Wearing the backpack properly is important as well; always use both shoulder straps, pack heavier items closer to the body, always carry the backpack close to the body, and wear the backpack high enough that it doesn’t hang below the hips.