Five Productivity-Boosting Essentials For Working At Home

Has your bedroom become your office? Have you found yourself in increasingly more virtual meetings? If like many today you find yourself in a position where you are required to work remotely, consider these five productivity-boosting essentials for working at home.


Work Area:

Ergonomic Workspace

If you are required to work in the same building you live, sleep, and make dinner in, designate a place that is solely for and conducive to work.

It is important to keep your work, living, and spaces for entertainment separate. Having a room to “go to work” in is helpful in increasing focus and productivity. Keep your workspace clean to minimize distractions.


Keep your computer/monitor at eye level. Use a stand if you have a laptop, or if you work on a desktop be sure to set it at the same height to keep your posture healthy and to minimize any potential discomfort from hunching over for long hours.

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Essential Oil Diffuser

Home Decor:

Who doesn’t like working in an aesthetic environment? If you have to spend all day in one place, it might as well be nicely decorated! Simple decor such as throw rugs, clocks, or small bookshelves can change a grey-walled room into a space that encourages productivity!

Even simple additions such as candles or essential oil diffusers can help enhance a workspace. If you want to take your decorating to the next level, search Pinterest boards for other creative ways to create a theme for your home office.

Background for Video Calls:

Having an aesthetically pleasing work environment doesn’t only benefit you, it also makes for a pleasing background for conference/video calls. Houseplants, picture frames, artwork, or similar decorations can all go a long way!


Have a daily planner in an easily accessible spot to set goals and mark progress throughout your day. Not only is it helpful for keeping track of your work, but it is also rewarding to look at a list of checkmarks for the tasks you have completed.


Black headphones and a mouse to the right


Use a pair of Bluetooth headphones such as Apple AirPods for virtual meetings or other audio needs. Bose and Sony also offer quality sound products, including noise-canceling headphones which can help increase focus in an at-home work environment.


If you are spending several hours a day typing, use an ergonomic keyboard. Doing so can relieve stress and tension in your hands and forearms. Any reduction of pain can help increase productivity while sitting at a desk!


For accuracy and efficiency, find a mouse that fits your hand. While there are many on the market, consider one which connects via Bluetooth for ease of use.


It’s essential. Almost everyone has some form of internet connection, but if your work is depending on it, be sure it is reliable and fast.




Just as keeping work at an in-person office and the rest of life separate is important, the same principle applies to your remote work at home. Have a consistent work schedule.

Give yourself time to clock in and clock out every day as this can help keep your work and everything else organized.


While working in pajamas may sound like a fun idea, be sure to “dress for success”. While you don’t need a dress or suit and tie, changing into “work clothes” can make all the difference in your productivity.

The human brain is programmed to have cycles every day, and setting parameters such as “pajamas for sleep, button-down shirt for work,” is healthy and can help increase your motivation and productivity in your home office.


Ensure to give yourself a few breaks each day to move around. It’s good to get up every little bit, even if it’s just to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee!

Exercise, regular meals, and a consistent sleep schedule can all contribute to a healthy routine which in turn can help increase your productivity at home.


Cup of coffee


If you like coffee or tea, keep a coffeemaker or teapot handy! Making a fresh cup can be a nice way to give yourself a break from sitting at the desk.


If you don’t have a subscription to a music streaming service, consider purchasing one such as Spotify or Apple Music. They offer thousands of pre-made playlists to fit any mood.

To provide the perfect soundtrack to a productive day at work, get a Bluetooth speaker!


Healthy snacks throughout the day such as veggies, hummus, and/or fruits and nuts can give you a boost during a mid-day slump.

In addition to this and as mentioned above, be sure to also have a consistent meal schedule. This can all be fuel for your productivity while spending long hours at the computer.

If like many today you find yourself required to work remotely, consider these five essentials to boost your productivity and give you the best and most rewarding at-home work experience possible!

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