Room with Desk and Workspace

Five Productivity-Boosting Essentials For Working At Home

Has your bedroom become your office? Have you found yourself in increasingly more virtual meetings? If like many today you find yourself in a position where you are required to work remotely, consider these five productivity-boosting essentials for working at...

/ May 6, 2021
Man Sitting Near Lake

Top 5 Road Trip Destinations In 2021

Road trips have been a recreational staple in America for decades. Whether headed to the beach, ski lodge, campsite, or some other exciting location, there are always more adventures to be had. That’s why we have compiled a list of...

/ March 13, 2021
person running backshield

Runners: 5 Tips to Prevent Lower Back Pain

Runners who own a BackShield report less back pain after prolonged periods of sitting, less stiffness, and better circulation. Did you take advantage of the lockdown to start your fitness journey only to find yourself suffering from lower back pain?...

/ January 18, 2021
Couple in an RV

5 Tips for a Comfortable and Enjoyable RV Trip

Driving posture is important for our back’s health that is why the BackShield is designed to keep your spine aligned in the optimal position while you are seated in your RV. RVs or recreational vehicle sales have been gradually increasing...

/ December 21, 2020
woman suffering from back pain in home office chair

Is Your Work Space Working Against You?: 8 Steps to a More Ergonomic Home-Office Space

The BackShield’s patented lift zone takes the pressure off the lumbar area of the spine and its shape ensures that your sitting in a pain-free position. They call this the “new normal”. Most of us are still working from home...

/ November 10, 2020
Truck driver behind the wheel

4 Easy Exercises for Trucker Back Pain

Sitting in a poorly constructed or positioned seat can make poor posture while driving even more problematic. Lucky for you–the BackShield addresses the core issues that lead to chronic back pain. Back pain. Believe it or not, back pain is...

/ April 28, 2020
Man sitting in airport waiting for his flight

Travel is Great, But Getting There Can Be a Pain….in the Back.

Did you know that seats in cars, trains, planes, and other vehicles often don’t provide the right type of support for the lower back? The BackShield can be used to provide support for the inward curve of the lower back...

/ February 28, 2020
Woman sleeping in bed.

Five Sleeping Positions to Relieve Your Back Pain

We have heard from BackShield customers who have slept on their BackShields. They have reported their first full nights of pain-free sleep in years. Sleep is absolutely essential for good health. It is the body’s natural period of rest when...

/ February 15, 2020
Back to School Posture

Back to School and…Better Posture

No other product on the market helps you avoid this posture pitfall like BackShield. It’s the time of year that parents love and kids bemoan…Back To School! And with this return to scholastic pursuit comes hours seated in a classroom,...

/ September 12, 2019