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Bridging the Gap

Guest blogger Hope Zvara of Mother Trucker Yoga explains how to break past the initial sticking point towards better health Bridging the gap is when you ask yourself, “What else do I need to do to get me where I...

/ January 16, 2019
trucker back support

How Many Backaches Have You Had?
Find Out What You Can Do To Help Yourself

Truckers spend much more time behind the wheel in seats that don’t support their backs sufficiently. The average person has at least six significant backaches in a lifetime, and most are self­limiting. Some need treatment by a doctor, but most...

/ December 16, 2018
BackShield Back Support for Truck Drivers

3 Tips for Truck Drivers to Help Avoid Chronic Back Pain

Steer away from back pain with these X tips from BackShield to help truck drivers just like you (or any driver) avoid chronic back pain. An investment in an ergonomic seat cushion or back support device like BackShield can go...

/ October 30, 2018
back health tips for on the go

How to Help Support Your Back Every Day

Easy tips you can implement in your everyday life to help improve back support and posture Whether it is walking around the block, sitting at your office desk, or commuting to and from work, your back places a crucial role...

/ October 8, 2018
when to worry about back pain

When to Worry About Low Back Pain

Starting to experience lower back pain but not sure what to do? Learn when to worry about low back pain and when to not. If you notice a decline in your overall health, it is always best to consult a...

/ September 23, 2018

7 Easy Ways to Treat Lower Back Pain at Home

Living with lower back pain and struggling? Stress no more, here at 7 easy ways to treat lower back pain in the comfort of your own home. Exercise increases blood flow, which can help to carry your body’s own healing...

/ September 13, 2018
The BackShield Difference is Design

The BackShield Difference

We can’t even begin to say how grateful we are to hear how this product is affecting the lives of the people that use it on a regular basis. Designing a new and innovative product is tough, really tough. I...

/ June 5, 2018
Police avoid back pain

How Police Officers Can Avoid Back Pain

According to The Journal of Criminal Justice Research, 86% of police officers experience lower back pain, but only 8% reported having it before joining the police force. Back pain is a relevant problem for many working professionals, no matter the...

/ May 6, 2018
Improve posture with BackShield

Improving Posture with BackShield

Had I not embarked on the BackShield project, I might not have noticed these issues with my posture until I had real pain that may lead to irreparable damage. As a designer on the BackShield project, I have learned so...

/ April 9, 2018