Pure Form:
3 Exercises That Will Help With Piriformis Syndrome

Most commonly, patients describe acute tenderness in the buttock and sciatica-like pain down the back of the thigh, calf and foot. When it comes to fitness (or general physical labor from day-to-day life, for that matter), it’s all about form....

/ December 19, 2017

Back Pain & Stress
How to Stop the Cycle & Start Feeling Relief

Once people start to experience back pain on a regular basis, their stress levels increase, leading to more tension and spasms. It’s no secret that stress takes a toll on our health. Researchers have confirmed these findings over and over....

/ November 19, 2017

Symptoms of a Serious Back Pain Condition

Knowing the difference between a sore back and something more serious isn’t easy. A proactive approach for the treatment of back problems begins with research and a regimented, personal checklist. Below are several indicators of a “bad back” that should...

/ November 19, 2017

Why Your Daily Commute Is Killing Your Back
(And How to Fix It)

BackShield users experience significant improvement in back-related pain after just two weeks of use. American Community Survey data from The Census has found that our daily commute continues to increase in duration. In 2015, the survey found that the typical...

/ November 9, 2017