The BackShield Difference

We can’t even begin to say how grateful we are to hear how this product is affecting the lives of the people that use it on a regular basis.
Designing a new and innovative product is tough, really tough. I should know. I have spent the last 30 years as a product development expert designing products for both myself and others. I have worked on approximately 1000 programs in those thirty years in the medical, consumer and technology sectors. I have had the pleasure of working on medical devices that have saved people’s lives, I have helped design the equipment that moves your information around the internet, and I have designed bicycles, cameras, cell phones, lawn chairs, movie props and more. The development of the BackShield product has been one of my most satisfying endeavors.

This product started out as a challenge to design a back support that would look as great as it made you feel when you sat on it. This has turned into so much more. The design process has been intensive in research and development, engineering and manufacturing sweat to bring this product to market. We knew it was a beautiful looking product and we knew it was comfortable and improved posture. We knew all that because we had a highly experienced team of designers and engineers, working closely with BackShield’s medical advisors. The team spent countless hours building mockups and designing BackShield to perform flawlessly. And it does!

What we didn’t know was how great BackShield would really turn out to be. How could we? We can’t even begin to say how grateful we are to hear how this product is affecting the lives of the people that use it on a regular basis. We hear stories of how hip and lower body pains are alleviating. How posture is improving, and how pain on long drives or sitting at a computer is no longer a problem. As each day goes by, we amass more testing and research information and we are learning more and more about how this product is a godsend for back pain relief.

Victor Lazzaro

As a product designer, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing our product designs on the market and being used and providing value to real people. It is why I still do what I do, day after day through the difficulties, stress and extreme challenges required to bring a product to market. My wife says to me “How can you stand to wait years for the gratification of a finished product, especially when the odds of success are so low?” I guess I have never thought about it that way. I just start a program and keep at it until it is finished, no matter what the obstacles. I believe there is always a creative solution to any problem.

I sit on my BackShield every day and have felt how it has improved my back health. It has also motivated me to improve my own abysmal posture and take my workouts more seriously to strengthen the muscles that support good posture. All this from a back support! What really makes me smile before I go to sleep at night is hearing how others are achieving great results using the BackShield.

BackShield works because of an amazing team of medical professionals, designer’s, engineers and manufacturers all utilizing the latest high tech development tools and materials. Its unique design not only assists proper posture and back support, but it actually aids in lifting the upper body weight, reducing the stress on the lumbar. We call this feature of the BackShield the “Lift Zone™”.

We invite you to try a BackShield and we hope that it works as well for you as it has for us and many happy customers. Go here to learn more: and grab one for yourself! Your back with thank you, and we will too!

We know when you love your back, you will love your life!